My Philosophy


I see each individual as whole, capable, creative and resourceful. I believe and recognize that your own values, talents, gifts, experiences and challenges are what make you unique.

Through my coaching process, I will support you in clarifying your uniqueness.  From here, you discover who you are and what you want to achieve in your life. My background in psychology coupled with extensive coach training and my own life experience give me the tools to understand the complexities and wonders of human behavior.

During the process we will talk about essence, your authentic self, and how living from here, living from the inside out, allows you to live with ease and empowerment. You will learn how living from your essence gives you a sense of freedom, increases your self confidence and it is more energizing, creative, authentic and fun allowing you to make empowering choices. Living where you feel you don’t have control or feel like a victim, is living from the outside in. Living life from the outside in takes more effort and energy because it calls for being someone you are not.

This transformational process will give you the clarity to set priorities and define your goals in all areas of your life supporting you to live a richer more fulfilled life, allowing you to wake up every day loving your life and achieving your most amazing goals.


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"English and Spanish Speaking Life Coaching Services"

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