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Thank you, Maté, for working with me through the Embrace Life coaching sessions.  Thanks to you and your process I was able to assess my strengths and skill sets which I will use at my crossroads of life!   I am confident and excited to meet the upcoming challenges of life--thank you!

Seattle, 48 years old

What began as a simple question – What is life coaching? – has become an invaluable tool in my life.  It has been very satisfying to go back and review every objective that I had set for myself as a goal that was hard to achieve and realize that I have in fact been achieving them.  Although this is only the beginning, I feel confident that I know where I am headed, living and working to achieve what I have established as ideal for myself.

Life Coaching has become the force behind important decisions related to my professional and personal future.  It has allowed me to organize my priorities while keeping my values in focus.  And these include family, health and relationships, which I have seen improve as a result of my new outlook – “Always forward-thinking!”

During this process, I have found unconditional support in my Life Coach, someone who doesn’t judge, does not impose their ideas but rather allows me to express my own.  My Life Coach has been a guide who gives me wings so that, on my own, I can identify the path to follow.  Always respecting and maintaining a respectful distance.  It has been the time best spent in the past few years, and not to mention that it has been enjoyable to give me room to get to know myself much better

Seattle, 35 years old

As my inspirational coach, Mate has an insightful intuitive perspective that shines a light on my soul...Bella Alma

Seattle, 53 years old

For me, it has been wonderful to appreciate myself and to feel that I have many good qualities that I had forgotten about as life goes on.  My life regained its meaning and I once again found the path to helping the many people that I have around me and that are so very important to me.

Prior to coaching, I thought I had met my goals, that I could die having accomplished everything.  Now, I’m sculpting again, painting…  I enjoy it… I love it.  To give a lot of love and receive it, too.  I know I can be useful and I can give so much.  It’s amazing how I can now see life as beautiful, relish every moment and enjoy nature as it really is – it truly is like being re-born.

I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.  My relationship with my husband is very good – I have learned to accept him just as he is and to ensure my decisions are respected and to understand priorities

Colombia, 68 years old.

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