Testimonials Continued


My experience with the coaching process has been completely positive and beneficial on a personal and family level.

It has helped me to know myself better and I have learned to handle things in a more serene manner, to be more objective.

My relationship with my 16-year-old daughter has improved dramatically.  The way I “approach” her has changed; it is now more peaceful and mature, more rational.  I have left behind the emotional response that would sometimes make us react in a hurtful and incoherent manner. 

The coaching process has taught me more about myself, leading to improved interpersonal relationships, and this has benefitted the entire family

Colombia, 43 years old.

It’s incredible to see how feelings flourish and how outlooks that had been established as works in progress begin to clear up, when someone asks powerful questions and has the ability to connect with your essence, with your soul…

..."Thanks to my Coach, I have been able to flourish and to awaken many of my dormant strengths…"

Colombia, 42 years old

Joe Torre, Lou Piniella, Vince Lombardi, Sir Alex Ferguson, all these men and many others have one key thing in common; they are great coaches who have led their teams to great things. Why not have the same kind of success in life? For many it’s not easy to open up and focus on situations, complications, issues and the everyday annoyances of life. More often than not, when most thing of having to do so, they envision some shrink or counselor of sorts telling them what is wrong with their lives, lecturing them and analyzing them. I was one of those people but then Life Coaching was introduced to me and everything changed. There is an amazing sense of empowerment to take charge of your life, or your destiny and that is exactly what life coaching has helped me accomplish. Rather than judge and analyze why I am the way I am, life coaching opened my eyes to seeing things in a different light, asking questions as to why I react in ways I do, why other’s react the way they do and rather than let that affect me negatively, I’ve turned it all into a positive outlook. My life has been completely changed thanks to life coaching; I feel I have control over my own thoughts, emotions and the outcome of every one of my actions. With the tools I learned with my coach Maté, I lead a new and more positive life where I have the confidence and control to lead it where I want it to go.

California, 25 years old

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