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Living Your Vision®

This workshop is a unique, dynamic and transformational process for people to make significant changes in their personal lives.

The LYV process:

  • Empowers clients to tap into their inner wisdom, guidance, power and passion.
  • Supports clients to produce sustain positive results while appreciating the quality of their journey.
  • Facilitate clients to create a comprehensive, holistic life map that becomes a life long tool for self-empowerment.
  • Fosters the spiritual principal of balance and wholeness.
  • Provides on-going coaching designed to support positive and lasting change.
  • Focuses on what is working, clear obstacles and celebrates the wins—large and small.

Group size: Maximum 10 participants
Duration:  3 days, 24 hours
Offer in English

Discover a balanced and fulfilling life

This workshop offers the opportunity to reflect about your essence and the importance your values and beliefs play in influencing your life. It’s an insightful introduction in understanding the impact of aligning your essence, your ‘true self’, with what you want to achieve that naturally attracts your desires.

Group size: Maximum 16 participants
Duration: 4 hours
Offer in English and Spanish.


Team Building

This workshop offers the opportunity to increase self and group knowledge creating stronger connections.  It can have an immediate impact in improving communication and working together as a team ensuring powerful results.

Group size: Maximum 12 participants
Duration: 4 hours
Offer in English and Spanish


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